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Digital EPMO




Run a modern EPMO

StrategyDotZero – “Digital EPMO” provides a modern way of
managing an Enterprise PMO and Transformation Office.
It is a secure, cloud based software solution that is easy to
procure and is trusted by government departments and agencies.

An integrated
Program Management Office

All key functions of the PMO are digitally integrated that is easily accessible through centralised Front Doors personalised for key stakeholders

  • Single source of truth
    Simplified admin and reporting, freeing us up to focus on what’s
  • Reduced admin effort
    The ability to report in consistent and connected way, giving your organisation the ability to create linkages between information
    and drill down to the detail
  • Dynamic reporting
    An integrated workspace and view of investment plans,
    various project plans, and registers connected to dynamic reporting
  • A connected organisation
    An integrated approach to managing projects and programs
    aligned with the organisation PM framework
  • Improved change and delivery practices
    The ability to make quick strategic decisions, based on live data.

  • Informed decision-making
    Improved ability to plan for the future, based on visibility over risks and issues and other key insights
  • Future-readiness
    SDZ Digital EPMO will enable your organisation to plan and work
    more effectively, creating alignment between different business functions

Key Features


Personalised Front door

Configurable Front doors personalised to roles and users - SROs, PMs, Project Boards etc

Action Center

Track actions that need immediate attention through an intuitive Action Center

Insightful Dashboards

Executive and practitioner dashboards providing the right insight at the right time

Updates & Notifications

Track and publish updates and get realtime notifications

Digital Workspaces

User workspaces for SMEs and practitioners to digitally capture information and carry out day to day activities

Standardised Reports

Dynamic reports consumable both digitally and printable for easy sharing

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